watch frame Penny In Memoriam watch frame
watch frame Penny In Memoriam watch frame
Penny In Memoriam
Penny In Memoriam
designed by
In memory of Penny, my loving and faithful dog. In her last year, she slept a lot throughout the day so this watch face captures her in a resting pose, with her tail tucked underneath. Penny"s head points towards the hour. The white number on her back shows the minute. The red heart is the second hand. Tap actions at 3 oclock, battery info, time, date and 9 oclock positions will launch the messages, Google Fit or Samsung Health, alarm, calendar and timer apps respectively. Tap actions were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Watch and may not work with other watches. All tap actions can be customized in Watchmaker app in your phone to apply your favourite watch functions.
5 Apr 2020
24h Time
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