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Check it, Gorilla Mode My first chronometer watch face. This thing has so many layers your watch might crash. All that aside lets move on to the features shall we. First off its a 12H watch face with an hour and minute hand. Seconds rotate around it all indicated by the white triangle. Also a superlative chronometer, battery gauges for your watch and bot, day/date display and different time zone display. Top left you got your battery guages with the top being for your watch and bottom for your bot. Digital battery percentages for easier reading also. Bottom right you have your days being indicated by a digital dot with the date at 9 oclock. Two different time zones sit below the days of the week. Now on to the chronometer. You probably figured that long hand just sitting there is the seconds and the inner most set of numbers are your hours. Minutes sit above the hours and the time can be read from a 30 angle to the right. M for minutes and H for hour. Minute ring is dynamic whilst hour ring is static. Got a cog under the transparent window powering the chronometer. Threw my signature set of wild and loud colors accessed through a tap in the center. Start/Stop located at 45 to the left and reset at bottom right. Mode displays in dim mode with the markers radius reducing by 35 every hour ensuring no marker is in the same place for an hour. Transparency set to 75 for dim layers for an added burn in free face. Hope you like it, this has been a project for a while. I wear it all the time. Please make it yours. Thanks for reading this far -- #Android FTW
24 Jan 2020
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