Guamo Crystaline

Guamo Crystaline

designed by chopliver

Includes three additional layers that can be switched by tapping the number 6. To better see data, tap the center to hide and show hands. The second layer includes sun data. The bottom two lines will toggle between night and day data by tapping between the 4 and 5. The moon layer includes 2 years of full moon cycle data. It defaults to North America but it can be changed to any one of the five major continents by tapping in that area. There is text that indicates the current season on the home layer which will correspond to the continent chosen on the moon layer. Set it eventually to your continent of choice. The 4th layer includes a basic calorie counter. I left the face unlocked so that folks can add layers, an always on mode or adjust the calorie counting math. To do this, find the layer for the calorie display. Under text, change the number 19 in the equation to adjust sensitivity. Usually by one or two. Up decreases your calories and down will increase the count. Or be more generous. Its based on steps so its crude at best but provides a decent reference. Tap the heart on the steps layer to update heart rate. Enjoy.

digital 24h analog animation battery date heart moon steps tap weather
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Step Counter
Heart Rate
Battery Level
Tap Actions
Moon Phase

Uploaded on 19 Dec 2019

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