Dark face  v2.41 1/16/16

Dark face v2.41 1/16/16

designed by WayneThomason

Analog face, battery/moonphase, month, day and weather dials.

Night mode when screen is dim after sundown The hour indicators and hour and minute hand markers glow green, the screen blanks out and the hands dim. Hands become invisible leaving only glowing markers after midnight.

Shading on minute and hour hands adjust dynamically based on position.

Parallax effect see under hands when watch is tilted

Brushed metal background changes realistically as watch is moved around gyro effect


Change Log

v.2.41 - bug-fix - Sunset mode indicator stays on-screen if battery display is changed back to Watch while indicator is on-screen

v.2.4 - bug-fix - Sunset mode indicator stays on-screen if screen dims while indicator is on-screen

v.2.3 - Added Sunset Mode options "ALWAYS", "NORMAL", "OFF". Added new weather icon set that include night related icons. Added enhancement to dynamic hand shading dark line along inside edge of then hands

v.2.2 - bug-fixes not released

v.2 - Added Sunset night mode. assessed dynamic shading on hands. Redesigned battery indicator to "Full, 1/2, Empty" Month and Day dials now move smoothly to next position starting at 30 seconds before midnight. Gyro effect added to background and hour/minute hands. Date window enlarged and changed to black text on white when watch is dimmed.

v.1 first release

digital 24h analog battery date gyro moon phone battery tap weather
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions
Moon Phase

Uploaded on 30 Jun 2020

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