watch frame Count Down #2 watch frame
watch frame Count Down #2 watch frame
Count Down #2
Count Down #2
designed by
George Dunham and myself created a countdown timer that the operator can increment each digit by tapping it. Lower order digits carry to the next order as would be expected.
It any tap would result in the counter exceeding 6000 the count goes to zero 0000 automatically.
Once a count is entered tapping the START button begins the countdown alters the button test to STOP. Tapping STOP halts the count which can be resumed with another tap. The count reaching zero halts the counter at zero, the START/STOP button reads START. This is accomplished via a software stopwatch reset.
Tapping RESET halts zeros the count.
Changed STOP RESET color opacity from Black/100 to dynamic.
Changed hour second hand rotation -- Added ticking formula. Left original as comment for easy reversal. Moved hour hand to below minute hand.
Added lock functions. HotSpot HS 12 Oclock
Added Red/Blue team selection. HS 6 Oclock Requires un-lock
A few Marker layer updates, 00 included the 12, etc.
21 Dec 2020
12h Time
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