Classic Digital

Classic Digital

designed by Rolsch

This watchface combines a classic digital look with modern features like weather forecast.


. 12 or 24 hour display, weekday and date format configurable

. World Time Mode with 3 time zones

. Countdown Timer Mode

. Stopwatch Mode with split time and two finishes

. battery levels both watch and phone

. four color modes black, red, blue and green

. five different date formats

. step counter

. weather forecast

. 100% Watchmaker

General guide

The watchface has five tap actions A at top left, B at top right, C at bottom left, button D at bottom right and a tap protection see below in the middle.

Tap action A is to adjust the settings, C and D are to cycle through the modes. B and D are for up and down depending on the mode.

Tap protection

To protect you from accidentally using a tap action this watchface comes with tap protection. Usually only the tap action in the middle is active. You need to tap this first to make the other tap actions active and only then you can use them.


There are three round displays at the top. The middle one shows the seconds in timekeeping mode or the 1/10 of a second in countdown timer and stopwatch mode. The top left display is the watch battery level indicator. The right one is the phone battery level indicator. The battery indicators work as follows For a battery level of 67 to 100% the top segment is lit. For 34 to 66% the bottom left segment is lit and for 0 to 33% the bottom right segment is lit. If the battery level drops below 15% the bottom right segment flashes.

To see the exact battery levels, tap button D in timekeeping mode.

Instead of adjusting the settings directly you can use the script to set settings permanently. The script has a configuration section where you can for example switch between 24/12 hour display or select your preferred color mode or date format. You can change this directly on the watch too. Try all settings and if you have found your preferred configuration, change the appropriate variables in the script so you dont need to change the settings every time you switch the watchface.

Detailed description

In timekeeping mode the default mode tap D to show the exact values of watch and phone battery level. Tap D again to show step counter and tap again to show weather forecast.

From main display tap button C to cycle through the different modes showing time zones, countdown timer and stopwatch.

If the first time zone is displayed, tap B or D to cycle through the three time zones. Note that you can configure the time zones in the Watchmaker App.

Tap C again to enter countdown timer mode. Tap A to change the timer. Tap B and D to switch minutes between 1 and 60. Tap A again to leave adjust mode. Tap D to start the timer. Tap D again to pause the timer and tap B to reset the timer. If you leave the mode, the timer continues. If the timer reaches 0, the watch vibrates for 2 seconds and then the time resets again.

In stopwatch mode tap D to start/pause the stopwatch. Tap B to set stopwatch to 0 again. While stopwatch runs tap B for split time. Tap B again to release split time. The watch cash display two finishes. Start stopwatch with D. Tap B when first runner finishes. Tsp D when second runner finishes. Tap B to display time of second runner.

From main display tap A to go to configuration mode. Tap C to cycle through the different configuration items. Tap D to toggle the value of a configuration item. The following configuration items are available

. 24 hour mode / 12 hour mode. In 12 hour mode PM is shown with a P top left of the time display.

. Color mode black, red, blue and green and red

. Date format 8-20, 8/20, 20.8, 20-8 or 20/8

digital 24h battery date phone battery steps stopwatch tap timezone weather
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Step Counter
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions
Time Zone

Uploaded on 13 Jun 2017

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