watch frame by Erik 030 - Blood Legacy V3 watch frame
watch frame by Erik 030 - Blood Legacy V3 watch frame
by Erik 030 - Blood Legacy V3
by Erik 030 - Blood Legacy V3
designed by
Press 3 for next U color background and 9 for previous.
Pressing 6 will park the Hands at 12 o clock position direction counterclockwise, zooming in the middle disk and at the same time automatically starting the chronograph.
Pressing 6 again will stop/pause the chronograph , zooming out the disk and releases the hands clockwise at the current time.
Pressing 12 will also zoom in and out the disk, parks the hands at 12 o clock clockwise and releases in a counterclockwise fashion , but it will reset the chronograph to 0 position.
So the correct way will be " if you please" press 6 then 6 again to stop/pause the stop watch and return to normal mode or
press 6 then 12 if you are done with it and return to normal mode.
Pressing right chronograph will also start the stop watch and left one it will reset it.
Pressing the middle chronograph quadrant will swap the chronographs between "3 modes"
mode 1 Left - 24H
mode 1 Middle - 30 min stop watch
mode 1 Right - 60 seconds stop watch
mode 2 Left - Step counter
mode 2 Middle - day of the month
mode 2 Right - Heart rate
mode 3 Left - Today lowest temperature
mode 3 Middle - Current temperature
mode 3 Right - Today Highest temperature
Battery meter is on dim mode.
30 May 2019
24h Time
Step Counter
Heart Rate
Battery Level
Tap Actions
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