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BCD watch v 1.5
BCD watch v 1.5
BCD watch v 1.5
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v 1.5 reworked colors and added color picker courtesy of GWEEDS. Tap center four or five times quickly to activate menu.
v 1.2 added menus to config. Press center four times quickly to open menus.
v 1.1 added configurable "Eco Mode" to the script configurations. Set "var_eco" equal to "0" to disable echo mode. Dots will be solid instead of hollow when watch is dim if eco is disabled.
v 1.0 initial release
Binary-coded Decimal watch
Left two columns are Hours-tens and Hours-ones.
Middle two columns are Minutes-tens and minutes-ones.
Right two columns are Seconds-tens and Seconds-ones.
Bottom dots equal "ONE".
Second dots from bottom equal "TWO"
Third dots from bottom equal "FOUR"
Top dots equal "EIGHT".
All dots in a column are added together.
To disable some or all text field or change the colors, edit the script. To choose different colors than are already predefined, use hex values for red, green and blue and add to the color constants. Color assignments are in the declarations below the constants.
30 Jun 2020
12h Time
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