Simple v1 - Now with colours

Simple v1 - Now with colours

designed by apex


- Phone and watch battery are correct, despite it saying theyre the same in the app. On your watch, it will show the right percentages.

- Steps may or may not work for you. For me they started working the day AFTER I set the watch face - probably refreshed it or something. They also take a long time to update and dont usually correspond with the Google Fit app


1.0.0 - Initial release

1.1.0 - Fixed time issue where it said 24XX instead of 00XX at midnight

1.5.0 - Added ability to change text colour

1.5.5 - Removed transitions because they caused issues with colours and the battery percentages

1.6.0 - You can now change colours on-the-fly by tapping the Android Wear logo

1.6.5 - Changed what the Android Wear logo does. You can now tap android to go back a colour and you tap wear to go forward a colour. I did this because the colour switcher caused crashes after applying on some devices.

1.7.0 - Fixed text positioning issues on some screens

1.8.0 - Removed the Android Wear logo and replaced it with arrows to switch colours

1.8.5 - Moved the arrows to make them on opposite sides

1.8.6 - Removed unnecessary code

1.9.0 - You can now tap the step number as well as the text to open Google Fit


- If the colour is set to the pure red colour - the 3rd one, then you cannot see it in dim/theatre/cinema mode. This is simply because the colour is too dark and therefore is beyond my control.

24h battery date gyro phone battery steps tap
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Step Counter
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions

Uploaded on 19 Jul 2017

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