Magnum Opus 2 w/ always show date

Magnum Opus 2 w/ always show date

designed by Heynongman

Digital panels over a speaker grille background. tap actions to change colour located on phone battery level indicator. you can activate an incremented by 10% dimmer by tapping on watch battery level indicator, and update weather on left end of the weather indicator. tap centre of time bar to show date bar overlay, which fades away after three seconds. tap sun phase indicator to show moonphase indicator, which fades away after three seconds also. twin displays for battery levels and charging indicator icons. day, date with date extender, month, 24hr time, blinking time separator which shows seconds. shadows on all variable assets.colour change script is in the main script area. feel free to change hex codes to change colour presets.I havent added a proper dim/glow because my preference is for my watch to fade to black after five seconds, with tilt to wake activating the display again.due to an issue with weather underground getting salty about too many weather info requests, I have disabled the weather update button, but you can reactivate it yourself if you use another weather info provider, simply by changing the appropriate layers opacity from -1 to 0 instead. scroll to the end to find the tap action buttons.

24h animation battery date gyro phone battery tap weather
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions

Uploaded on 6 Jun 2017

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