ICTUS Nu F04 Round v1.4

ICTUS Nu F04 Round v1.4

designed by Col04

Simple monochromatic fashionable digital watch based on fixed LCD segments. Four basic modes with animations. Colour changing using Watchmakers new ucolor functionility and other settings can be changed in the in-watch menu.

Designed for LG Watch Urbane.

The beautifully crafted LCD in the centre is the Brenault font borrowed from Bret Dalton.

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- Tap logo for the Settings menu

- Tap bottom centre 6 to change modes

- Fixed LCD segments for all functions

- Outer bezel represents passing seconds or percent

- Centre digital LCD and hourly dial LCD markers

- Colour customisable using ucolor functionality

- Animations on mode changes

- Control what you see in ambient mode - mode, details and brightness.


- Tap 6 to cycle through LOCAL -TIME default - WATCH BATTERY DATE - SECONDS - TEMPERATURE - TIME ...

LOCAL TIME default

- Hour is highlighted on the rotary dial

- Minutes are displayed in the centre LCD

- Marker tracks seconds on outer bezel


- Tap 6 from LOCAL TIME mode to enter WATCH BATTERY mode

- Mode setting represented by a battery

- Battery level percentage is shown numerically in centre LCD and diagrammatically in the outer bezel

- Note 2-digit display limitation represents full charge 100% as 99%


- Tap 6 from the WATCH BATTERY mode to enter DATE mode

- Mode setting represented by a calendar icon

- Month number is highlighted on the rotary dial

- Day of the month is shown in the centre LCD


- Tap 6 from the DATE mode to enter SECONDS mode

- Mode setting represented by a tracker icon

- Seconds are shown numerically in the centre LCD and tracked around the outer bezel


- Tap 6 from the SECONDS mode to enter TEMPERATURE mode

- Mode setting represented be a thermometer icon

- Temperature is shown numerically in the centre LCD in preferred units

- Note temperature uses weather station settings from the Watchmaker app

- Tap 6 from TEMPERATURE mode to return to LOCAL TIME mode


- Tap the logo to enter the hidden settings menu.

- Note colour settings are controlled from the Watchmaker app on the phone


- Close the settings menu by tapping the close button.

- Battery level details for both watch and phone are shown in the menu header and the watch name, current version and copyright information is displayed in the footer on some tabs.

- The last weather update is displayed in the header. Tap to force a weather update.

- There is one tab for DISPLAY settings.


- Enable or disable the glowing face. DEFAULT is ON.

- Enable or disable animations and transitions. Default is ON.

- Set the fixed LCD panel background opacity in the range or 0-50. Default is 16.

- Set the default screen to display as the ambient screen. Setting dim mode to NONE will allow the current screen to display. Setting dim mode to TIME will override the current mode selection when dimmed and revert when reactivated. Default is NONE.

- Set the ambient screen brightness. Cycles downwards from 100% to 10%. Default is 50%.

- Set the ambient screen detail level. There are three levels



... SIMPLIFIED or hollow

- Default detail is ALL DETAILS.

- ALL DETAILS retains all screen elements from the current or overriding dim mode including the fixed LCD panel.

- OUTLINES ONLY retains information elements from the current or overriding dim mode and removes some non-essential detail such as the fixed LCD panel.

- SIMPLIFIED removes all non-essential information from overriding dim mode screens to show minimal information only. If dim mode is set to NONE then the result is a blank screen. Use this mode if you want to save battery power.



1.0 Initial release.

1.1 Bug fixed that crashed the settings menu on Samsung Gear S3 watches.

1.2 Rewrites to fix bug that intermittently displayed code in the centre.

1.3 Run animations returning from ambient mode.


- Centre display intermittently and fleetingly displays code instead of results. Can be seen in ambient mode. Code adjusted and appears to have stabilised.

Please let me know what you think and return often for update releases.

digital fashion lcd menu monochrome 12h analog animation battery date phone battery tap ucolor weather
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
12h Time
Battery Level
Phone Battery
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Uploaded on 4 Jan 2018

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