Simple 3.0.0beta - Now with extra functions

Simple 3.0.0beta - Now with extra functions

designed by apex


- Phone and watch battery are correct, despite it saying theyre the same in the app. On your watch, it will show the right percentages.

- Steps may or may not work for you. For me they started working the day AFTER I set the watch face - probably refreshed it or something. They also take a long time to update and dont usually correspond with the Google Fit app

- As of 2.0.0beta6 you can no longer enable AM and PM in 24hr mode. This was intentional and not a bug because it would be pointless having AM and PM showing when the clock is set to show 24hr time.


1.0.0 - Initial release

1.1.0 - Fixed time issue where it said 24XX instead of 00XX at midnight

1.2.0 - Added tap actions

1.5.0 - Added ability to change text colour

1.5.5 - Removed transitions because they caused issues with colours and the battery percentages

1.6.0 - You can now change colours on-the-fly by tapping the Android Wear logo

1.6.5 - Changed what the Android Wear logo does. You can now tap android to go back a colour and you tap wear to go forward a colour. I did this because the colour switcher caused crashes after applying on some devices.

1.7.0 - Fixed text positioning issues on some screens

1.8.0 - Removed the Android Wear logo and replaced it with arrows to switch colours

1.8.5 - Moved the arrows to make them on opposite sides

1.8.6 - Removed unnecessary code

1.9.0 - You can now tap the step number as well as the text to open Google Fit

2.0.0beta1 - Added pages. You can tap the page number in the bottom right to switch page.

2.0.0beta2 - Removed lots of useless code.

- Fixed bug where you cant see the custom colour on the 2nd page.

2.0.0beta3 - Moved the colour switcher arrows to another page

- Moved them back together so they do not get in the way of the page switcher

- Changed the page switcher from saying PAGE 1 and PAGE 2 to saying SETTINGS and HOME. Where page 1 is the home page and page 2 is the settings

2.0.0beta4 - Added some toggles to the 2nd page

2.0.0beta5 - More toggles added

2.0.0beta6 - Removed the ability to enable AM and PM in 24hr mode

2.0.0beta7 - More toggles added

- Replaced ON and OFF with checkboxes in the settings

- Replaced HOME and SETTINGS with icons

- Moved icons to the opposite side of the screen where they will not intervene with the battery toggle

2.0.0beta8 - Made the icons bigger and easier to tap

- Moved the clock in the settings page to the centre.

- Hopefully this will be the last update before the official release - there has been way too many betas.

2.0.0 - Brand new settings page with toggles for time, date and many other options. You can toggle these options straight from the watch face so you do not have to go into the app. Just tap the cog in the corner to access the options page and tap the back icon to return to the watch face. All changes are saved automatically.

2.0.1 - Moved the time on the settings page to the right

- Added the word OPTIONS to the 2nd page on the top left

2.0.2 - Made the word OPTIONS and the time on the 2nd page bold

2.0.3 - Moved the word OPTIONS slightly to the right. Update to this version if part of the O is cut off on your screen.

2.1.0 - The Material Design Update

- The watch face now follows Material Design guidelines and thus some icons have been changed and moved to the top left

- Material Design can be enabled from the OPTIONS if you wish and the new icons will be used and they will be in new place, the top left.

2.2.0 - Material is now the default design. It can still be disabled in the OPTIONS.

- The old design will be completely removed in the future

2.2.1 - Fixed an issue whereby the new Material icons would not abide by the colour set by ucolor.

2.2.5 - Fixed issue where you couldnt enable battery percentages once they had been disabled

2.3.0 - Many of the tap actions for the OPTIONS have been disabled on the 1st page, preventing accidental taps.

2.3.5 All options have been disabled on the 1st page, and actions on the 1st have been disabled on the 2nd, fully removing accidental changes.

2.4.0 - Added confirmation dialogs. All possibilities of accidental taps have now been removed

2.4.1 - Darkened the background of the confirmation dialogs.

2.4.5experimental - Working on a timer to get confirmation boxes to auto-close after a period of time

- Currently very broken and messy script everywhere. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT apply the experimental version

2.4.5 - Removed the white background of the confirmation dialog

- Added a timer so the dialog auto closes after 10s or when you hit YES to open an app.

2.4.6 - Removed lots of useless code

2.4.7 - Text in the confirmation dialogs now usus ucolor

2.4.8 - Fixed bugs

- The old design will be removed in version 2.5.0, so if you still use it, save a copy of this version.

2.5.0 - New About page in OPTIONS which shows basic information about the watch face

- Completely removed the old design

- Fixed bugs

2.5.1 - Fixed colour switcher arrows not working

2.6.0 - I have released a new version of this watch face designed specifically for circular and flat-tyre style watches. You can find it by searching Simple v2 - Circle Edition

3.0.0beta1 - New menu which lists the pages

- Tap the name to go to that page

- Get to the menu by tapping the button in the top left - the same place it has been for a while

- The About option has been moved to this new menu

- Swapped the places of the Steps and Battery labels and toggles in the OPTIONS

- Added a stopwatch into the EXTRAS. More to come soon. Note, dont leave the EXTRAS page or the stopwatch will reset. Im working on a fix for this

- The circle version will not get the betas, but will eventually get the official release. This is because it is a lot of hard work making changes to both versions at the same time, its much easier changing the circle version once... and their releases are always stable

3.0.0beta2 - Fixed the issue where the stopwatch stops if you leave the EXTRAS page

- Colours fixed again

- If a stopwatch is running it now appears on the home screen

3.0.0beta3 - Added a countdown timer to the EXTRAS. Tap the timer to bring up a new screen to set the minutes and seconds. Max 59mins 59secs

- Fixed bugs


- The timer freezes if the watch goes into dim mode. This is a limitation of the on_second function and therefore beyond my control. It is incredibly difficult to make a timer that works in dim mode, only one person has ever done it to my knowledge - and his watch face is protected

24h battery date gyro phone battery steps stopwatch tap ucolor
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Step Counter
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions

Uploaded on 2 Aug 2017

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