Thin Gold Line 2

Thin Gold Line 2

designed by JC_Studios

A watch face for dispatchers. Thin Gold Line. Red hour hand for EMS and Firefighters who are there in your hour of need. Blue minute hand for the Police Officers who put their life on the line for you every minute. Golden second hand, for the Dispatchers who link them all together when seconds count.

This watch face is a tribute to fire and law enforcement, specifically the Dispatchers. A highly underrated role in todays society. This line of watch faces an ongoing project that I am dedicated to making better. Im willing to take requests on new ideas to this theme. Eventually Id like to make a face specific for every public servant.

E-mail me at for suggestions or requests.

digital 12h analog date stopwatch tap
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
12h Time
Tap Actions

Uploaded on 8 Jan 2018

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