F16-AL36360 v2.0

F16-AL36360 v2.0

designed by Flyway

F16 cockpit mechanical watch.

V. 2.0

# Main characteristics

Layer Count 6 layers.

File size 550Kb

All images are 8bit PNG files.

Bigger Image size 40Kb

Bigger Image size 575 x 575

Brightness 20% at bright, 3% at dim.

# Tapping spots for main mode

1 - Main dial

...- Switch between normal watch mode and expanded mode. Check below modes description

2 - Upper right small knob

...- Start/Stop/Reset the stopwatch. SW knob mode in a mimic of real one and knob itself is also animated to mimic its natural moving.

3 - Lower left big knob

...- Switch between Time adjusting for some "Ro-lex" time set up. Check below about this feature, or wind up time ajustment chronograph.

The chronograph will make watxh vibrate and play some sound when time is reached.

4/5 - Close to big knob

...- Time hands or chronigraph hand rotation buttons.

# Modes

...- Main mode normal watch

Just like the real one, but fake knob positions. Check here the real deal;


...- Expanded mode...........

# Relevant information

"Ro-lex" is an aviation callsign, term or brevity, used to determine a time adding - subtracting to all current flight times.

It can also be use so set watch for different time zone. You will still have your current time and date visible in faint red/ orange time hands.


Filipe "flyway" Santos

digital 24h analog battery date phone battery stopwatch tap
Designed for Wear OS
Designed for Apple Watch
Designed for Tizen
24h Time
Battery Level
Phone Battery
Tap Actions

Uploaded on 12 Oct 2018

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