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I'm a Type-1-Diabetic. That's why I'm focused on glucose, cgm and insulin pump values. I'm using xDrip+, AndroidAPS and Nightscout, for the Watchfaces, Tasker, AutoNotification and Autotools. you find them in my docs, link If you have any Question how to setup your Tizen OS or Wear OS Smartwatch, feel free to send me an E-Mail otherwise go to my Facebook or Instagram Account and send me a PN. I'm replying within 24 hours. Docs on GitHub: https://github.com/wagnefrede/xDrip-and-AAPS-Notifications-for-TiZENOS-WEAROS-Watchfaces-Tasker-AutoNotification-Watchmaker If you wanna buy me a coffee, please use my PayPal.Me Profile. https://www.paypal.me/diafreddy

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